Welcome To My Blog

Hello and thank you for checking out my blog, All the Things I Wish I Knew at 22. As the name suggests, I’m going to write about the things I’ve learned in the course of my life thus far that I wish I had known at a younger age—not that that would have stopped me from making plenty of mistakes! Mistakes are part of the learning process as experience is our only teacher. But maybe it would have made me think twice.

I had this idea for months but did not act on it. I was suffering from the idea that not too many people would be interested in reading about my personal experiences and insights. That changed over a fruit smoothie with a new friend. She was a woman ten years younger than me who opened up about a lot of deep and difficult experiences in her own life. It was rewarding to listen to her raw honesty.

She wanted input. She wanted to know about my experience to help her find her own way.

Her desire to connect inspired me to share my blog idea with her. She told me that was exactly the type of thing she would want to read. I had to laugh at myself when she said that because, in my doubts, I forgot how much I too love reading personal essays and relating to the unique experiences and reflections of others.

So here we are. I know I have at least one reader!

If you choose to continue reading, I hope you enjoy!

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