I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar: Time for a Resurgence

I am ready to roar, are you? In 1972, just one year before the original decision in Roe v. Wade gave women the constitutional right to an abortion, Helen Reddy released her iconic song “I Am Woman,” which became an anthem for women’s empowerment. Well, calling all recording artists—Dua Lipa, Lizzo, Lady Gaga I’m talking […]

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Redefining Failure

What is failure?  Stop and ask random people on the street and most of them would probably give you a similar answer—failure is not doing something successfully.  If you start a business and it goes under, that’s a failure. If you don’t get at least 65 on your math test, that’s a failure. If you […]

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Taking the Leap

I stood on the platform, staring down at the clear water, body rigid. My feet were firmly planted on the wooden slats as if roots had sprung up between the planks and wrapped themselves around my ankles.  “Come on, you can do this,” my partner gently coaxed. He was so patient it was almost infuriating. […]

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