Moving On From A Relationship

“Maybe he’s not the right person for you.” My jaw dropped open– long enough to catch flies. I couldn’t comprehend why my ex-boyfriend’s mother was saying that to me. I had been with her son for a year and a half at that point. She and I had shared quality time–even gotten mani-pedis together after […]

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Redefining Failure

What is failure?  Stop and ask random people on the street and most of them would probably give you a similar answer—failure is not doing something successfully.  If you start a business and it goes under, that’s a failure. If you don’t get at least 65 on your math test, that’s a failure. If you […]

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Recognizing Your Value

When I was in college, I spent one year on the tennis team. Freshman year, I didn’t make the cut. In my dismissal from tryouts, the coach encouraged me to try out again in the spring, as there were a few graduating seniors on the team, and he would need to fill slots for the […]

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